How Much does it cost to join the Always Trying Racing Syndicate.

Here at the always Trying Racing Syndicate we endeavour to make ownership affordable.

We start from £69 for an annual subscription and can accomodate larger share holdings if needed.

If you wish to purchase a large share then contact our team who can advise of any upcoming Horses that may be of interest.


Can I gift A Share In The Always Trying Racing Syndicate?

You certainly can, in fact we believe that this is the perfect gift for your loved ones!

All you need to do is put the contact details of the person receiving the gift in the shipping details on the purchase form.


Will I receive A Share Of The Prize Money?

You absolutely will receive 100% of net deposited prize money from the BHA. This figure is the total the business receives after deductions by the BHA to trainers, jockeys and yards.

You can contact us directly if you need any further break down of this figure.

Prize money is distributed on or around 31st August each year.


What Happens At The End Of My Syndicate Term?

At the end of the syndicate term (we will make contact in advance) members are required to renew their syndicate share. This will be at a reduced rate from the original year one fee (excluding any special offer discounts). This is because the initial fee includes towards the purchase of the horse.


How is my membership fee broken down?

For Guide Purposes only:

The £69 is broken down as follows.

VAT element is £11.50

Welcome Pack £10.50

Postage £3.29

Training cost at £16.50 per share 

Syndicate set up fee of £2.50

Entry fees, travel expenses, veterinarian fees £6.00

The remainder of the fee goes towards the purchase of the horse.

You will not be asked to pay anything extra other than your initial annual subscription.