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Pearl Abbey - Trained By Julie Camacho

Pearl Abbey - Trained By Julie Camacho

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🏆 Let's be a winner together! 🏆 

The Horse Bloodline: 

"Pearl Abbey" is a Bay Filly Thoroughbred horse

  • Sire: "Soldier's Call" is the father (sire) of "Pearl Abbey." Soldier's Calls is a well-known Thoroughbred stallion of the highest calibre who won the "Flying Childers Stakes" at 2 and was placed in the "King's Stand and Nunthorpe Stakes" at 3.

  • Dam: "Harbour Grey" is the mother (dam) of "Pearl Abbey" 


Pearl Abbey's debut at York in a class 2 novice race over 5 furlongs was a testament to her raw talent and untapped potential. Despite being a newcomer to the scene, she showcased remarkable composure, racing strongly in behind the leading group. As the race unfolded, Pearl Abbey surged forward, making a decisive challenge over 1 furlong out. Though she finished in 5th place, just over 2 lengths behind the winner, her performance spoke volumes about her promise and determination. It was a strong effort, especially considering it was her first outing on such a prestigious stage.

Following her debut, Pearl Abbey faced a 253-day break from the track, a period filled with anticipation and preparation. Her return at Southwell on the fibre sand saw her in need of the run, yet she once again displayed her tenacity, finishing 5th and narrowly missing out on victory by just over 2 lengths. Despite the setback, her connections remained undeterred, recognizing the potential that simmered beneath the surface.

It was on the 16th of March, at Wolverhampton, that Pearl Abbey's true prowess came to light. Stepping up in trip to 6 furlongs, she approached the race with renewed vigor and determination. Racing out wide, she navigated the track with grace and determination, storming down the straight with unwavering resolve. As the finish line beckoned, Pearl Abbey surged ahead, leaving her competitors trailing behind. In a moment of pure brilliance, she crossed the finish line, victorious by an impressive 3 lengths, all while being eased down.

The victory at Wolverhampton marked a significant turning point in Pearl Abbey's journey—a testament to her resilience, perseverance, and unyielding spirit. It was a moment celebrated not just by her connections, but by all who witnessed her remarkable ascent.

We are delighted to have negotiated a deal to secure Pearl Abbey in our ranks and retain the impressive Julie Camacho as trainer.

As Pearl Abbey continues to grace the tracks, she embodies the spirit of determination, inspiring all who follow her journey. And as she races towards the future, one thing remains certain: Pearl Abbey is one sure to be a lot of fun.


  1. Subscription Price: £49 per year.
  2. Maximum Shares: 1500 shares available.
  3. Subscription Period: Runs until March 31st, 2025.
  4. Allocation: Shares are sold on a first-come, first-served basis.
  5. Prize Money Distribution: Prize money will be distributed on or around April 1st each year, in accordance with your terms and conditions.


Here's a summary of what shareholders can expect:

  1. Welcome Pack: Upon purchasing a share, shareholders will receive a welcome pack that includes an I.D card and a share certificate number. This helps establish their official status as a shareholder.

  2. Framed Photo of the Horse: Shareholders will receive a framed photo of the horse, signed by the trainer. This is likely a nice keepsake for shareholders to display.

  3. Free Gift: Shareholders will also receive a free gift from the merchandise department. This is a thoughtful gesture that adds value to their ownership experience.

  4. Invitations to Races: Shareholders will receive invitations to each and every race in which the horse participates. This allows them to be part of the excitement and follow the horse's progress.

  5. Stable Visit Tours: The program organizes two stable visit tours per year. During these tours, shareholders have the opportunity to see the horses training on the gallops, engage in private conversations with the trainer, and observe the horses in their natural habitat. These tours provide an immersive and educational experience for shareholders.

  6. Note About Stables: It's important to note that shareholders should not turn up to the stables uninvited, as they will be asked to leave. This is likely to ensure the safety and privacy of the horses and the smooth operation of the stable.

Overall, this package offers a well-rounded experience for shareholders, allowing them to connect with the horse and the horse racing world in a meaningful way.

The Races:

  1. Entry at the 5-day Stage: The process begins when the horse is entered into a race at the 5-day stage. 

  2. Email Notification: After the horse is entered, an email is sent to each applicant to inquire if they wish to attend the race. This email serves as an invitation to the members.

  3. 48-Hour Response Window: Members who receive the email have 48 hours to notify you of their intention to attend the race. This gives everyone a reasonable amount of time to respond.

  4. Draw for Tickets: Once the 48-hour response window closes, we will conduct a draw to select the attendees. Approximately 20 tickets will be generated for each course, but the actual number may vary.

  5. Notification of Selected Attendees: Members who are drawn to attend the race will be notified at the declaration stage, which occurs 48 hours before the actual race. This notification  includes information about how to access their tickets and any other relevant details.

  6. Request for Extra Tickets: In most cases we do ask courses to provide extra tickets where possible and try to obtain additional tickets from the racecourses to accommodate more attendees if needed. This may or may NOT be possible.

This process ensures that members have an opportunity to express their interest in attending the horse race, and a fair selection process is used to allocate the available tickets. The notification process helps members plan their attendance and make necessary arrangements.


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